Living in community

There is increasing proof that we are going back to a more community-like lifestyle. There’s a new way of thinking that places more importance on sharing, coexisting and helping one another. We’re going back to our roots and recovering neighbourhood life. As such, support and collaboration networks are being built, joint initiatives promoted and even public spaces recovered for community activities.
And so, the concept of local business is reborn: local business is the community’s business.
A perfect example is the text found on Carme Llauradó surgery’s shutters in Calle Vallfogona. She’s a holistic nurse and specialises in Japanese therapies. She describes her services to be a way of improving community life in the neighbourhood of Gràcia and that she is there to serve its people. It reads: “this surgery was born to look after the health of our community: the people who live, have fun and work in the neighbourhood of Gràcia.

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