Mastering HTML and CSS thoroughly help you have a strong command over the front end development. A thorough understanding of how the website responds to users will come in handy when working on other front-end tasks. Make all posts by avinashvagh less visible avinashvagh consistently posts content that violates DEV Community’s code of conduct because it is harassing, offensive or spammy. Nest.js is built on top of TypeScript, which adds static type checking and other language features that can help you write more robust and maintainable code. NextJS has built-in support for automatic code splitting, which can help reduce the size of your app and improve its loading time.

full stack developer roadmap

Even if you’re not using it for your laptop/desktop environment, you’ll almost certainly use it for servers. And to celebrate us all being half way into 2020, I’m going to share his entire roadmap here – all three of them. There are linear curriculums that teach you a bit of everything – like freeCodeCamp’s full stack development curriculum. Next, complete checkout to get full access to all premium content.


Most modern websites use ES6 , so it would be good to build your knowledge in this. If you are just getting started, JavaScript based tech stacks are relatively fun and easy to learn compared to its counterparts like Java or Python. Every product/application goes through many versions and revisions before getting compiled and deployed. A version control system should be learned and used like GitHub , GitLab, Apache Subversion. There has never been a more suitable time to embark on a career in Full Stack Development. A Full Stack Developer saves a lot of costs for the company, just like remote working does.

full stack developer roadmap

The dynamics of the market are ever changing, and you never know what technology you’ll be implementing next also, what can be the new programming languages, new frameworks to get the desired results. This is the first stop on our full-stack web developer roadmap. Each company follows a different tech stack to reach certain individual goals.

point checklist of things you need to know to build a full stack application on the backend:

Whereas, JavaScript frameworks like, react, angular and vue are absolutely crazy. But these are a little bit harder and time consuming to learn. These are used to write JavaScript in a more easier format and basically allows you to develop web apps faster and easier. So, that’s why learning a js framework is absolutely important these days. Now, what i recommend is to learn react because it is the most indemand framework these days and also very popular. Next js brings you a complete framework that uses react and consists of a lot of features that doesn’t exist in react.

So, you should be familiar with the basic commands of Git and you should at least know how to upload your code to GitHub, cloning and merging etc. Ruby is considered a “friendly” language because full stack developer it is easy “o pick u”. It allows for flexible code writing and can be used by several team members. Ruby saves a lot of time because it handles complex details of the machine for the developers.

full stack developer roadmap

Node.js is lightweight and fast, as it uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that allows it to handle a large number of concurrent connections efficiently. This makes it a good choice for building high-performance and scalable applications. Docker makes it easy to create, deploy, and run your applications in a consistent and predictable manner, regardless of the environment or platform they are running on. This can save you time and effort when developing, testing, and deploying your applications. Nest.js comes with a range of built-in features, such as dependency injection, middleware, and microservices, which can save you time and effort when building your application. NextJS makes it easy to build server-rendered React applications, which can improve the performance and SEO of your app.

Better the architecture and research of the website better are the UX. All the elements should be consistent and focus on the visual experience of a website. Responsibilities of a UI designer are – creating a visualization of screens, presenting ideas and design solutions, and maintaining documentation of style guidelines. Database – Various DBMS technology should be known such as MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, etc. HTML – Start with the basic application of HTML by creating a small website that includes all the elements.

Is developing full-stack software stressful?

Don’t merely read about theories and notions while sitting still. You cannot argue against learning a particular framework or procedure in a real-world setting. If you have spent a lot of time working on the front end, begin your process with the back end, or vice versa. If you are unfamiliar with the front-end or the back-end procedures, we advise starting with the back-end technologies before going on to the front-end. With some of the easy and extraordinary features, here are some of the popular tech stacks.

With a solid foundation in the fundamentals, practice, and a commitment to continuous learning, you can become a full-stack developer by 2023. ⬥ Work on personal projects to solidify your skills and build a portfolio to showcase your work. ⬥ Understand a JavaScript framework like React or Angular to build user interfaces.

On the other hand, PHP, Python, .Net, etc., are some of the backend languages you should focus on learning for a promising career in this domain. The main feature that distinguishes full-stack developers from other developers is their adaptability. The more languages and experience a person possesses, the higher their demand among employers. In conclusion, becoming a full stack developer requires a strong foundation in front-end and back-end technologies. The journey may seem daunting, but with dedication and a solid roadmap, it is possible to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in this field.

It has the capacity to handle small to very large projects. It is used to coordinate between programmers as well as track any changes made to any code stored in its repository. GitHub is the most widely used code repository, and therefore a must learn for an aspiring coder. A GitHub roadmap is a crucial part in the full-stack learning course.

VERSION CONTROL In Full Stack Developer Roadmap

Git works perfectly to track and control all the databases and codes. Relevant projects to grow your skills in Software Web Development. Now the next step developers take is to learn JavaScript and DOM manipulation. So instead, you can use 3rd party plugins, namely APIs, to give life to your web pages.

  • Overall, learning Docker can be a valuable addition to your skillset as a developer, and it can help you build, deploy, and manage modern and scalable applications.
  • You need to learn the Ruby language and other concepts before using it.
  • This involves working with a lot of cloud services and overseeing infrastructure.
  • Are you looking for a reliable web hosting provider that offers great performance and affordability?
  • So instead, you can use 3rd party plugins, namely APIs, to give life to your web pages.
  • This will also help a company in terms of hiring as they only need to seek JavaScript developers now.

Even though there are many languages – and you can do essentially anything with any language – I strongly recommend learning either Node.js or Python as your first language. And if you want to dive even deeper, here’s our free 8-hour course on relational database design. I want to strongly agree with his recommendation that you learn a relational database. Developers are starting to do exciting things with it, but it will be a while before this technology really becomes ubiquitous. Git is a powerful version control system that as of 2020 is used almost universally.

Yes you should learn SQL and relational databases

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, becoming a full-stack developer opens up a world of opportunities in the tech industry and beyond. is a subset of .net and is used primarily for simplifying dynamic pages on a website. Its roadmap is equally important in the front-end and back-end development. Git- The most popular distributed version control system, Git is fast and efficient.

Who is a full stack developer?

This will also help a company in terms of hiring as they only need to seek JavaScript developers now. LAMP stack is not preferred these days due to its low productivity and complex architecture. But MERN stack developer skills and MEAN stack developer skills are hot and trending.


⬥ Learn about tools such as Git, GitHub, Docker, and Kubernetes to manage and deploy your applications. The objective of this roadmap is to learn and become a database administrator. If you found this post interesting, follow us on Facebook and Twitter where we post about web development, web design, and programming. Community created roadmaps, articles, resources and journeys to help you choose your path and grow in your career. The project is OpenSource, 6th most starred project on GitHub and is visited by hundreds of thousands of developers every month.

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Patience and curiosity to learn new frameworks and mastering them can help you reach the desired level. A web stack is the collection of software required for web development, containing a bare minimum of OS, a programming language, database software and a web browser. Yes – databases like MongoDB and Neo4j can do a lot for you, and are better suited to certain types of applications than relational databases. Full stack development and cyber security demand extremely experienced experts who share some professional skill requirements, yet they are distinct. Full-stack developers create software, but cyber security works to keep it safe from threats.

Full-stack developers work on both the front and the back end of a product or an app. It includes handling programming, design, database management, and debugging activities for websites or applications. However, it is sufficient to state that a full-stack developer contributes to design, feel, and functionality of an application. Even though their profession is complex, the full-stack developer’s future globally offers immense potential.