I am trying to find an individual who was comedy and you will

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knows how to reduce a female. He has to know how to carry on a conversation. Anything else please feel free to ask!

Hi! I am newly single and like to be spoiled, I’m used to being spoiled, and I need to be spoiled again! I like to dance. I like to show off. I like to PARTY! I am not interested in boys. I want a MAN who is able to treat a sexy lady like a lady. (At least she admits her gold digger ways. Not that foreign countries dont have their share of gold diggers, but in my opinion, they seem to be much rarer compared to here in the USA where materialism and the affluenza epidemic run rampant. In addition, the old American saying ?girls just want to have fun? rings true with the attitude you find in the states.

I’m a very driven woman and have seen problems wanting an equally driven child. I’m not saying I 100% know where I’m going in my life – I think that’s the fun of it, not knowing exactly what you might be doing in 5 years. I do, however, value stability and I’m one of the most responsible people I know. (?Value stability? and ?equally driven man? = code words for looking for a guy with money. ?This is the typcial obsession of focusing on a man?s career and money which is completely absent with Foreign ladies. A profile like this could be understood if the lady was a highly successful career woman herself and wants to find a similar high achieving man so they can relate and have more in common with. ? But more often than not, you will see this type of profile by women with average careers.


I don’t need a guy who scares easily. positive about oneself or at least be able to communicate what you’re thinking! And please end up being financially secure! (Same perverse focus on money)

I’m looking for a guy without kids and preferably at least 6’0 tall and established in his industry ? ( Same perverse focus on career and money)

I’m really given so you can delete it membership. I am most choosy regarding looking my personal long life companion, and you may I’m not taste what i get a hold of on this site! (Nothing wrong having are choosy. However, she next comes after with a terrible hard to excite attitude) Perhaps, you can prove myself incorrect. Really people, are so vulnerable! a big power down for my situation. (Maybe this type of guys are only insecure close to you because of your domineering and you may overbearing emotions ) .

I am looking for a low weird, non stalker kid who is not looking for a one night stand, though building a future and wants to share it with someone special, drop me a line and maybe we have some substancial things in common. ( this right here is wayyyy too common in our culture. It also has a lot to do with why women in America are not very receptive to men approaching them thaifriendly login in public. Some even freak out. This is not the case in most of the world. Any guy who is well traveled can tell you that, generally speaking , ? is far easier to approach a woman for conversation in other non western countries of the world. There is less of a shield. ? s sad that women in America have been conditioned to have a subconscious fear and view of men as predators. Even well renowned writer and talk show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger has commented about this problem in America in her books. (See research link) This underlying fear towards men is nonexistent overseas)