I had unsafe sex in my 2 weeks out of durations and you can the newest blood supply is very white

i’m already making use of the spot since contraception, and i got rid of they twenty four hours up until the genuine big date and you may got non-safe sex. can it be simple for a lady to conceive only 2 days before periods? anon64527 18 times back

my personal menstruation is defer for 1 week and you may seven months. could it be possible that I’m pregnant? anon64487 23 days before

i’d non-safe sex with my boyfriend and you catholicmatch sorun may immediately after three days I experienced my personal period rather than got into intercourse. the good news is I’ve got my personal several months. I’m in some way typical getting earlier weeks. Is it possible to be expecting? anon636

Anon62375: Do not be too sure about this. All the woman’s duration is a little other, and those wide variety are only assistance. They are not place in brick at all. The newest concept is to utilize protection *whenever* for those who have intercourse. The sole 100 % type of contraception are abstinence. Not moralizing here, simply informing it want it is.

If you don’t, fool around with cover. Otherwise, no matter for those who have their period, you’re going new chop. Which is as basic as it gets. anon623

I’ve been that have non-safe sex to own six months today and nevertheless don’t become pregnant

1 week in advance of menstruation and you may 7 days shortly after menses are when you simply can’t conceive, but if you want to get expecting you really need to have gender to time fourteen, and thus the initial time that you got intervals is day one to. we unearthed that out of my personal college. anon623

Or even must work on possibly the slight threat of having a baby, lack sex

i experienced non-safe sex with my wife. she had her episodes a single day even as we had sex. Now there was a discomfort in her snatch — be open there can be a tumefaction. Is actually she expecting? anon619

my boyfriend’s old boyfriend-girlfriend was claiming you to she are expecting plus the dad is my personal sweetheart. my boyfriend denies her due to the fact he told you at the time immediately after they had intercourse, her begins the woman times. how is it possible that he’s actually the dad? anon616

i found myself getting fertility tablets within my five days period, and me personally and you can my date had sex twice right after my personal several months and you can a week once i had intercourse having anybody else.

I am now expecting rather than certain that the infant you are going to feel my boyfriend’s as the we’d intercourse during the and following my several months and i also do not know if i get expecting during the or after my period. could i get pregnant through the or after my personal months? confuse

i experienced sex in my own 3rd day’s intervals it was just restricted bleeding nowadays i still have my intervals. do i need to still become pregnant? Please address. thank you to come. anon612

My period already been into 12th associated with the day and that i want to get pregnant the following month since my husband was staying far away. i need something could keep myself organization. i do want to become pregnant prompt today as he’s coming next month to help you spent a few months with me. please suggest me what to do. anon610

is a female conceive, inside sex an hour before the first day regarding times and you will she quickly notices times? anon601

i have already been applying for pregnant for a few many years however, within the vain. Six months before my personal date had various other girlfriend and from now on she is actually expecting. I am today desperate. normally someone excite help advise me personally on which to-do in order to conceive? I am 3 decades old. Can be that function as the disease? Delight assist. anon601