The society, on the other hand, considers intercultural marriages as straying from traditional values. A Society is an organization of people who share a common cultural and social background.

  • Hence my search for deeper understanding of the complex beauty of intercultural relationships.
  • As a result, the incidence of intercultural marriage is steeply on the rise.
  • Just being aware of cultural diferences in a relationship, the presence of that dynamics, understanding where the other is coming from, I think is a loving way to honor your spouse and relate to him.
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Moustafa and Asma have two children and live in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia. If you have tried to work through these issues with your family in the past, to no success, you should consider reaching out to a trained psychologist or family therapist. A neutral third-party can be very helpful in moderating emotionally fraught discussions and ensuring they head in a constructive direction. «Research shows that people who consider themselves married or are legally married have higher levels of relationship satisfaction,» Chlipala said. «Some people say ‘It’s just a piece of paper,’ but I totally disagree. When you are legally married, it is a different level of commitment than just saying, ‘We’re in a relationship.’ Even if you are exclusive.»

The magnets of this migration are large cities with vibrant economies that embrace cultural diversity. For example, if the teenager feels smothered because their parents want to know where they are every minute, we might try phone check-ins at real Asian brides designated times instead. If parents feel that their child doesn’t respect their culture, perhaps agreeing to speak the parents’ native language at home can demonstrate respect and compassion. Apparently, the priest forgot to sign their marriage license 50 some years ago.

Marriage seems simple because two people get married and that’s it, right? When you have positive friends and family members who support you, you will find that they will want to learn more about the culture.

In the first case, the groom completes his service prior to the marriage and then moves with the bride back to his family after the marriage. In the second case, the newly married couple remains in residence with the bride’s family until the service is concluded. The advantage of the second type of service is that frequently the wife is living with her mother when her first child is born.

“We ended up really just combining traditions from both cultures to make a wedding experience that was very unique,” Justin said. While the state of Utah is not known for being a melting pot of races and ethnicities, one of the main priorities of Utah State University, according to President Noelle Cockett, is diversity. But in order to embrace diversity, one must first understand the minority cultures and races at the university. But he doesn’t understand another type of communication/expression in a marriage. Japanese people don’t discuss problems/job issues at home so as not to “dirty the environment.” They hardly express feelings or give opinions, avoiding imposing them on others.

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Instead he uses “cultural differences” ironically, to keep us at arm’s length. For example, in some cultures, a man and woman do not choose to be together.

Marriage Between Two People with Different Culture

Hence, it is essential that your foreign spouse and you have expert level fluency in a common language. An innocuous remark by a foreigner can be taken as an offense in another culture and can severely mar relationships.

Interracial Marriage Expectations

Then, that woman can help with the household chores while the working woman is at work. While the United States has finally accepted gay marriage, interracial and interfaith marriage are still looked at as dirty and wrong. The union of an interfaith couple does not mean that one will have to convert to the other’s religion and interfaith along with interracial marriages can help create diversity, even equality, among people. I think often when we get married, we forget how monumental of a change is, even when marriage feels easy and light. My home is with Stephen, and he and our son are my first family, but I have to remember to give myself room to miss the parts of my life that happen in a different country. Whether you’re dating, engaged, or a newlywed, remember that in marriage, it’s okay to feel homesick for the things in life that have changed and allow yourself the grace to miss those things in their entirety. While all marriages are planned, some are arranged, whether between the spouses involved and/or their families or through a third party.

Communication can be one of the biggest difficulties faced by the intercultural couples. This can include the challenge of, literally, speaking different languages. Communication also becomes an issue when it affects the way a couple solve problems.

You need to prepare for receiving at least double the number of invited guests if your spouse hails from any such ethnicities. Sylvia Smith loves to share insights on how couples can revitalize their love lives in and out of the bedroom. As a writer at, she is a big believer in living consciously and encourages couples to adopt this principle in their lives too. Sylvia believes that every couple can transform their relationship into a happier, healthier one by taking purposeful and wholehearted action. Intercultural marriages can be both exciting and challenging, raising many questions for those embarking on this journey.